wisdom & Adult development  

EEVA K.KALLIO  Viisaustaidot®-mentorointi 

Ph.D Eeva K. Kallio, Leader of psychological wisdom research in Academy of Finland's Wisdom in practice project 2022-2026; Associate Adjunct Professor at Jyväskylä University 

Development of Adult Thinking (2020)Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cognitive Development and Adult Learning, 1st Edition (2020), ROUTLEDGE. Edited by Eeva K. Kallio
Viisaus - käyttäjän opas (2020)TUUMA-kustannus. Jenni Spännäri & Eeva K. Kallio
Ajattelun kehitys aikuisuudessa (2016)Eeva Kallio (toim.) Suomen kasvatustieteellinen seura, julkaisu 71.

Kasvatus hajoavassa ajassa (2005) Eeva Kallio, Koulutuksen tutkimuslaitos.


Kallio, E. (Editor). (2020). Development of adult thinking: Interdisciplinary perspectives on cognitive development and adult learning. Routledge. Reviewed by Heikki Jyväsjärvi, University of Jyväskylä, in Integral review (https://integral-review.org/)

"Development of adult thinking: Interdisciplinary perspectives on cognitive development and adult learning offers us a perfect example of this kind of multidisciplinary, holistic and integrative way of thinking. It seeks to find commonalities between these different research fields - developmental psychology, adult learning and wisdom research - presenting the history and possible future of research on development of adult thinking and learning. Continuing the great pioneer work of the previous milestones such as Beyond Formal Operations (Commons et al., 1984) or Reciprocal Handbook of Adult Development (Hoare, 2011) this edition will find its’ way to the bookshelves of those readers, students and scholars interested in the development of the human mind, adult thinking and learning ... I recommend this edition to everyone interested in development of human thinking and learning. It is an important handbook for every scholar and student studying these phenomena". 

ADVANCED THINKING - DOES IT EXIST? Reviewed by  Rauno Juntumaa. Psychology (Finnish Psychological Society), 2021, 3, pp. 349-351

"The authors of the ten articles in this book plow through the range of scientific phenomena in a deep, clear, exciting way... The book emphasises the importance of learning to examine the foundations of one's own thinking. Analyses of the ethical foundations of thought can be of enormous utility and social significance. The book helps to understand religions, ideologies, bubbles and to prevent hostility that degrades others. The consequence of advanced thinking can be a reduction in sharp confrontations and hostility. Ancient philosophers thought that the possibility of happiness was non-existent without the development of thinking! This book offers useful, enjoyable and surprising information for researchers and professionals in human resources, psychotherapy, social work and other human sciences, from media to economics and law."